Animal healing.

All animals, wild and domesticated, large and small, including insects, are so much more deeply aware of everything, of what's going on, of what can be felt energetically in the surroundings and interdimensionally, than us humans.

They are very attracted to energy of all kinds and to healing of all kinds, if offered to them from the heart and sincerely. They make themselves available to the healing very easily and signal exactly to you how much, for how long and in which way they can receive healing energies. As we work with your animal, know that when it has had enough, it will simply get up and walk away. Animals know exactly how much energy healing they should have at any one time. The gratitude animals show for each session is an amazing reward as well. They usually will signal us that they are aware of that you are helping them and they commonly show lots of extra affection as thanks.
Many things can be treated in our animals; different physical ailments (sometimes in conjunction with herbs), recovery from other health treatments, emotional and mental issues such as abandonment issues, jealousy, fear, aggression, etc.
It is very rewarding to work with animals, as they are so attuned and aware of all things energy, so available and so appreciative. It connects us as practitioners to a deeper experience of the soul's reality.