" ... you do know, I hope, that the energy you (and St Michael & all others) have done on my behalf has altered my life to the fullest degree. My gratitude and love are immeasurable!"

Angela Bean, Prescott, AZ.

"Dear Harmony .... You are such a blessing in my life.... shining such beautiful light big and bright.... Thank you for sharing the gift of your spirit with mine.... Thank you for the work that you do....you are such an inspiration....(in spirit celebrating).... Bless you....With grace & gratitude,"

Donna S., Sedona

"I have been the recipient of energy healing for over 20 years from a lot of different healers practicing many different kinds of modalities. What Harmony does is different, and unparalleled. She goes into the core of who you are, your blueprint, and fundamentally shifts patterns, unplugs, rearranges, rewires... honestly, I don't know what all she 'does.' I simply know the results are remarkable. She is what I would call a healer's healer - the one that all the other accomplished healers go to because what she does is beyond what most healers can accomplish. Anytime I hit wall and haven't gotten results in other ways - and I have a LOT of tools in my own toolbox as an energy healer myself - I call Harmony. She is the person I know without a shadow of a doubt will help me AND I'll jump about ten notches further along my spiritual path at the same time. If you are stuck, if you are in a feedback loop, if you want to experience a huge jump in your healing and your consciousness, call Harmony now!

Naia Shalomar

Harmony! Thank you very much! And thank you for your powerful gift of healing - it is out of this realm! I had the honor of witnessing your work and the effects of the work you do in the ethers in my dream state. Sending you many blessings of white light. Yikes - you are a very special lady!!! Thank you! Humbled! Honored! And so very deeply grateful to know you!
I feel like the luckiest most blessed person to have been given the gift to cross paths with you. Thank you for helping redirect my life and reconnect me in such a powerful way with my spiritual guides, whom I so deeply love and cherish. My life is already so different and the heavens celebrate you for the extraordinarily powerful difference you make! I join them in the celebration of you!!! Much love to you! And a sincere thank you again."


"Testimonial for Harmony: I have been speaking to Harmony for quite some time now. She is truly amazing. I really appreciate her depth, honesty, and clarity of situations. I have found her to be extremely accurate and enlightening in her readings. She is very direct and honest as well. She remains at the top of my list for great spiritual teachings and insight. Thank you Harmony for all your loving energy and incredible guidance!!!"

Tracy from Indiana

"... your work had an impact on my being open to more good in my life. It's simply difficult for me to be sure where your work left off & Godessence took over. ;-) I'm so much happier & freed up than I was when I met you. Thanks so much for everything, even if I can't quite put my finger on your Gift to me. Suffice it to say ...I was STUCK & you absolutely unstuck me. From my heart to yours. Much love!"

Eileen C., Flagstaff

" . . . dead on accuracy that is nothing short of amazing. I have received readings for over 20 years and she is one of my top two readers ever!"

R. Remington, actor

"Extraordinary! She has the uncanny ability to delineate and describe childhood dynamics and their impact on ones thought process when still unresolved . . . and coming to a profound understanding of your issues due to her ability to impart an overview from a detached and spiritual perspective. Absolutely brilliant!"

Andrea Gordon, therapist

"Dear Harmony, one year ago you told me I would have children even though the doctors claimed I was in early menopause. On Sep. 27th I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I am indebted to you. Thank you."

M. Crenshaw

"I received an opening onto my own psychic gifts after a reading and changed my entire reality from that moment on. I am now a working intuitive."


"Harmony is for me a spiritual advisor, guiding me to recognize what I already know, so that I could realize my power again and heal myself in body, mind and soul.The greatest gift possible! Harmony's talents go far beyond the paranormal. She is a healer, an angel among us!"

Eve B

"Your work has made me not forget there is a God, there are miracles and I am ever so grateful."


"Dear Harmony, you are a shining star in a sea of dark waters. Thank you and my angels for guiding me to you. You are a strong, giving psychic from God. Love and light."


"After a healing with Harmony, I have begun to experience life on the level which I was denying myself. Harmony provided me with a life changing experience. It far surpassed my wildest expectation. I have been to several healers but never have I experienced the depth of Harmony's reach. I am so glad that I found her. She is a true healer."