Relationship clearing,

The clearing program I use is an extremely thorough multidimensional process of stripping the relationship grid between two people of anything and everything that is experienced as obstacles to perfect flow of love, intimacy, connectedness, understanding, affection, happiness and freedom. The clearing will remove any and all baggage each individual carries from perhaps previous relationships or from childhood experiences. It also lifts away karmic patterns that bring repeat experiences into this life from other lives and also the karma of lessons and learnings of they are now redundent and completed. As we are moving into the new age and satyuga, we are coming into a new time, a new paradigm, where things work and are blissful. Attuning ourselves and our relationships to the new is a wonderful thing to experience.  

This clearing program is an ongoing process that can last anywhere between a few days to many, many weeks, depending on the amount of stuff, grid patterns, baggage, resistance and such. You don't have to make an appointment to lie down for it. It is a process of clearing that is handled by the angels and Harmony and it's a continuous and sometimes lengthy process. When we use this process it's much more gentle then a regular healing session, so a person will experience the changes much more gracefully and gently as well. There's no after the clearing shockwave experience. It will all be experienced gently and gradually. .