Soul retrieval.

Strangely and magically enough, parts of ones being, ones soul energy, can split apart from the whole of the soul energy and may drift away into other dimensions and parallel realities and dwell there for many years and even life times, hiding from what it wants to avoid, usually an experience. This happens mostly at times of severe trauma, violent emotional or spiritual shock. It can happen many times to the same person at different points in time. The effect of loosing parts of ones soul energy can be experienced as weakening, confusion, dulling of the senses or the mind, apathy, hopelessness, listlessness and so on. 

Soul retrieval is a process where the shaman / healer / practitioner traveles out onto the planes and dimensions to reach for parts of someone's soul energy to retrieve that energy and bring it back to the person for whom it was lost. It must then be made to merge back fully into the person's body and being, fully merge back into their energies. Energy may have been lost even in past lives and even that energy can be restored to someone and being mindful of the integration part is very important so that the return is full and complete. The results are an instantaneous change in life experience and personality.