Business empowerment.

A new service that has come to me from archangel Michael is techniques to do inter dimensional energy clearings on people's businesses and life works. This helps align both the business and the individual tightly with their destiny path and to develop their lives to follow the path to success, the way that God intended for them and their work, their service to life and the planet today.

It is a very intense experience and the clearing is a process that can last over several weeks. I don't need to meet with the individual in person to do this clearing on their business. All I need is their name and the business's name and function. I write down notes as the clearing progresses and the notes are emailed to the client regularly, so that they can observe the process also from my perspective and compare notes from their own experience.
It can be quite an explosive experience, both the transformation during the running of the clearing program and the resulting changes in life, tremendously exciting and joyous to see the actual results manifesting.