Sometimes it can be a challenge to remain with
 Self-Realization, that first glimpse into the Real,
 the Absolute. The world gets in the way, plain
 old life and all sorts of mental and emotional
 distractions seem to build up against the purity of Awareness. Attention on the world and the manifest can seem as obstacles to continued clarity of perception and remaining in the Silence and tranquility of Enlightenment.

Energy work is offered here, focusing on clearing and removing all kinds of patterns and experiences, thoughts and emotions, conscious or subconscious; experiences that seem to stear one away from the permanent living in the Real and Truth, to help melt away Vasanas; personaity structures, human conditioning, ego tendencies.

Energy work can help bring solid emptiness back to the mind, revealing a clear mind, a free flowing empty awareness, that makes it easier to remain in samadhi continuously, remaining in the Realization permanently, as the only experience; Sahaja Samadhi, Oneness Consciousness. Increased clarity creates a new and freer experience of the present moment and of that which governs all of creation, brings peace and serenity. Energy work helps with removing life obstacles on the path of Awakening and assists as well with all the symptoms of the Kundalini rising.

These energy work sessions are a more direct and focused work towards removing obstacles, even though the energy of darshan, Shaktipat and Divine Grace always and continuously ever flow from Harmony and work to erase all that with lingers and is in the way of purity of being and of perception, of Perfection. This passive flow affects you whether you are near or far.

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