I work, I would say, exclusively, with people who
are starborn souls, who are of the soul crew here
to assist in the planetary shift and expansion in
Consciousness. Most of my clients are starborn
souls who have yet to remember their origins and who are souls who need to still awaken to who they really are, where they are from and what they have come here to do. Then I have clients who are completely cosmically and dimensionally awake and aware but who have yet to begin their soul's mission in this incarnation. In both cases, energy work and sound work is used focusing on activating cellularly encoded information and clearing access to the soul's blue print for more information, guidance and fuel to begin the work intended.
I have many clients who come to have their abilities of energy healing, intuition and psychic work activated and enhanced. Then there are those who have come here to do extraordinary things in society, in global leadership, in spiritual teachings, in technology and in media and art, that come to have their blocks removed and fears overcome. It's incredibly rewarding to see people, who were confused and felt at a loss both at what to do and how to do it, find the truth of their lives and begin doing their true missions in great leaps.