All people have life force energy flowing from the
palms of their hands. This energy can be activated
and much increased through initiations, training and
experience and a passionate desire to do it. With
practice, with deepening and expansion that comes with time and by merely allowing it to flow, it can also be moved with mind, soul and intent and the touching with the hand becomes no longer needed. Much inter - dimensional work is done this way.

Healing, laying on of hands or energy work as it is also called, is a way to use subtle energy currents to affect the energy make - up in ones physical body, emotional body and mental body. Most of the time the focus is there. We may also use healing / energy work for other objects as well;

soul healing
change in life patterns
change in relationships
increased creativity and creative flow
opening to spiritual experiences and multi - dimensional awareness
reversal of spells
cleansing and clearing past life influences and any karmic replay
affecting learning structures
personal empowerment
increased self - esteem
cosmic / galactic remembrance
assisting in the process of spiritual awakening
soul retreaval
shining light on the soul's journey - ones purpose and life's work and put that into motion
helping to align more closely with Spirit and God
finding guidance and clarity, peace and tranquility
opening to and increasing psychic awareness
deepening of personal awareness
supporting transformation on a deep core level

and so much more ...

This energy work also focuses on activating the cellularly encoded information of who one is on a spiritual and soul level and begin to bring to awareness of, and movement in, ones life toward ones purpose and life's work here on this planet today. It reveals skills and talents from past lives and parallel realities and can bring into the body ones Higher Self so that one may move through this life here as ones whole spiritual being in form.

At this time right now there is a great focus on physical healing of deep and chronic physical illness, that may hinder the individual from following her or his path through life and fully manifest their purpose, life's work, destiny. We then search out all that which causes the illness and lift that out in order for the origins of the illness be erazed. Then the body receives healing so that it can heal itself and function fully again.

During a session I rarely touch a client's body but rather sit in deep trance and move my being onto the inner planes and the parallel dimensions surrounding and permeating the client's being and life, and from there assist in the flow of energy moving in ways that support achieving renewal and desired goals. Sound vibration such as toning may accompany the energy work for more rapid results and a more immediate effect. I find that it is the disharmony with ones own spirit that causes most complications. A deepening awareness of the spirit and what lives there and awareness of ones soul's journey restores a natural harmony, brings profound healing and begins a great and deep journey for many.

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