If you are to be working with me, you will have to be
prepared for that I will be speaking of these things
as if they were entirely real and apart of existence.

Energy fields, auras, chakras, vibrations, frequencies . . .
Dimensions, astral, realms, inner planes, earth plane, portals,
gateways, parallel dimensions . . .
Spirits, spirit guides, angels, guardians, nature spirits, fairies,
little people, dark side, demons, boogeys, entities, interference . . .
Past lives, parallel lives, karma, dharma, purpose, soul's journey,
soul path, cosmic remembrance, galactic origins, destiny . . .
Awakening, enlightenment, Self - Realization, kundalini, shakti, shaktipat . . .

And if you want to work with Harmony you must be open to this world view, aware of this reality and familiar with it's concepts, otherwise we will not be able to connect or work together and I won't be able to do much for you.

Locating cause.

To really restore health, well being and balance in life, there are many areas that need to be looked at. Energy fields and energy environments all affect one another. For true and permanent healing to take place, we must always first remove any causes to any disorder, in a person or in life. First of all, before treatment, I will locate all the different causes for the condition anyone suffers from or what keeps a person from their goals. Many practitioners, modern, traditional or alternative, often treat symptoms only.

We will locate, look at and treat if needed:

Environment - The energetic environment, house, home, office, work place, land areas, dimensional spaces, in betweens, lay lines, fault lines, feng shui. Portals, dimensions, door ways, underground activity, dimensional rifts, tears in the fabric of life, burial grounds, warding, interference of dark spirits, the diseased or ancestors, ghost activity.

Empathic - Taking on energies from other people and environments, multi dimensionally.

Spirits - The spirit realm surrounding a person, both spirits of the light and the shadow realms, and what kind of spirit guides the individual has and if they need to change.

Relationships - Close relationships, friends, lovers, partnerships, colleagues, business partners, family dynamics and ancestral lineages. What any and all of these relationship dynamics bring to the person or situation.

Destiny path - The soul's blue print of what is designed to be on their time line through this life and what is flexible.

Emotional body - The energy levels and layers of the emotional field, both present and past recordings. Any stored energies that need not be there any longer or that are in the way.

Mental body - Conditioning, mental patterns, belief systems, family conditioning, thought structures that are in the way or are not supporting the goals.

Spirituality - Belief systems and conditioning.

Chakras - Programming and blockages and energies from surroundings or other dimensions.

Aura / energy field - Programming and blockages and energies from surroundings or other dimensions.

Physical - toxins, systems (lymph, adrenal, blood, digestive, hormonal, brain, nervous, etc.), organs and what my be causing imbalance.

Past lives - carry over, karma, effects, memories. limitations, vows, anything forcing a certain experience.

And probably a whole lot more . . .

If you are ok with this and you seek a series of work, we will do a pre-treatment consultation, where we will go over all that needs to be done. We will ask you a gazillion questions and create a treatment plan, healing plan, a healing journey.