Everything in the manifest world is first created
in the realm of energy, made up of energy first.
Everything is energy in its foundation and all
things, whether concrete or abstract, have its
own energy grid, or energy structure, energy pattern. Energies exist as currents, patterns, structures, swirls, etc. They can also manifest negatively as density, blocks, congestion, etc. Then, in the realm of matter, in the material world, energies will manifest either flow and positive patterns or energies can manifest as blocks, congestion and density.

As an energy practitioner, I work with the energies inside of the particular energy grids that govern, or manifest, that which someone would like to change in life. Everything has an energy grid. If the things we wish to change are apart of someone's being or life, those energy grids are apart of someone's energy field. Then I will locate the particular grid within someone's energy field. With applied energy work techniques, one can alter and change the energy structures or patterns or flows within a grid field. 

And as the energies change so do also the manifestation of those energies in the world. If we change the energy of something, its manifestation in the material realm also changes. 

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