The fine balance of our lives; our well being,
inter-relationship harmony, health, serenity
and even finances are tremendously affected
by any environmental energetic disturbance.
On rare occasions, in tangent with my healing work or a reading, I find that it has become necessary to clear and restore energetic order in someone's space, whether it be the home or the work place.

The energy of trauma, mental or emotional disturbance, war, violence and death, etc., can linger powerfully in land areas and structures, like programs in matter. All matter, walls, land, furniture and objects may hold such energy which can create dimensional rifts that attract interfering entities of all kinds, and if not that, they can be very disturbing just by themselves. There may be portals, energy leaks, spells, energy fields of envy from friends or angry energy from neighbors. Some energetic disturbances may have been in place for many centuries and when removed, a new lightness and freedom is restored to the experiences now had in these places.

Places of strong disharmony can attract many disincarnate beings of all sorts. Elementals, nature spirits and boogeys of all varieties can just by themselves create dimensional rifts and dis - alignments and through those, achieve contact more easily with our realm and with us and make fantastic trouble. Mostly, and in any kind of space, the remaining deceased of any time can linger, be felt or otherwise observed and be quite bothersome.

In energy work for space and land clearing, I use different techniques as well as sound to clear and restore the original natural balance. I do prefer to simply restore natural balance but one may also channel into space and matter the energy one wishes to most experience, such as; restored health, love, harmonious relationships, peace, creativity, etc. It is a placing of new programs into the walls and structures. A removing of any disturbances and rebalancing the grids and restoring proper flow and harmony is most beneficial. Environmental harmony and peace is restored, which benefits all areas of life.

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