Everything in the manifest world has an energetic
vibration, a frequency, that emits a tone, a sound
not audible to our physical ears but percievable
to our inner beings, souls, attuned awareness.

All sound cause subtle vibrations. This can be and has been measured scientifically. The vibrations that sound makes can be used to cause alterations in energetic structures, in energy patterns. As everything is in it's foundational make - up energy first, one can with sound affect the structure of any energy pattern and create instentaneous change in those energetic patterns.

In my work I use channeled toning (voice), high vibrational sound, that cuts directly into the structures of energy patterns. It deletes, rearranges, moves, shifts, releases and removes energy patterns into that which is the focus of the spirit beings that work through me, to accomodate the desires of the client or of the client's purpose or the will of the Divine.

Other sources of sound that may also be used; music, chanting, clapping, drumming and spoken words directed to the soul, inner being or sub - conscious.

I most often use sound together with energy work in the most intricately woven patterns. That and the frequency of the sound lets me understand that this work is coming through me from a higher dimension and not from my own thinking, my own doing, my own person. I couldn't produce some of the tones that comes sometimes, even if I tried. I lend myself as a channel to many light beings from high dimensions, in gratitude and amazement.

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