The Original Wound is a soul imbalance that is
sometimes created at the moment the soul is
birthed; when the soul is sent out from Source
as a Spark of Light, as a tiny particle of Source.
The Spark of Light is an individualized Unit of Consciousness that breaks free from the Unified Field of Light of the Universal Intelligence, which I will call Source. The soul is sent out into Creation to gather experiences, to experience the Manifest.

At the very moment the soul breaks into individualization, it can have quite a response, a mental and emotional activation, a reaction that spontaneously defines its use of its own separate consciousness. That very first creation of the soul is usually a mental and emotional reaction to being sent out from Source. The mental / emotional reaction at the moment of the soul's birth stays with the soul through its many incarnations as a fundamental imprint. Sometimes those imprints are painful.

Souls that cross paths with me and who are drawn to this healing work, commonly developed in that moment of departure from Source, thoughts and feelings of; abandonment, being cast out, not belonging, confusion, inability to have faith, resentments towards God, anger and unexplained wrath, endlessly in search of something, seeking a connection they never find; feeling lost, lonely, sad, unloved, rejected, despondent, despairing ... and a whole lot more. The bulk of the formulated mental / emotional response varies of course from soul to soul. Whatever it is is usually felt as a fundamental life experience that is always there, felt under the surface of everything else in life.

In this healing program I work with Divine Grace through several steps to help the individual, the soul, become free of the burden of this original wound. The process goes through several steps and then we restore fully the link between the soul and Source, rebuild Union, Oneness with Source.

Steps of healing the Original Wound:

● Dissolve and remove reaction patterns from the soul birth
● Heal the vacant spaces created as wound energies dissolve,
    clear empty spaces from debris, can be many layers
● Dissolve any later formed reactions to the original reactions
● Remove any dark interference during any stage of the process
● Link the soul with Source, create unified field, Oneness field,
    strengthen and rebuild the connection
● Clear anything that releases from the unifying process
● Heal, build up, strengthen, stabilize, gel, seal
● Fill with Grace

The results are often dramatic and life changing, experienced as deep instantaneous inner transformations that are felt and experienced very clearly. The process can take any amount of time between a few hours, or a few days to several weeks, all depending on whether the individual responds best to active or passive Grace Work and also how much patterning the soul carries.

The results often place the individual into an entirely new outlook and world views, such as; experiencing God's Love, euphoria, freedom, fearlessness, a feeling of belonging,  lightness, joy, being filled with God's Glory, expansion, certainty, focus, clarity, courage, forward motion, a deepening of faith, patience, compassion, easy forgiveness, easy to love, feeling safe, feeling at home, feeling loved ... and endlessly so much more like this.

Before I start this healing process with someone, the first thing we do is to do a mini reading to discover all the multi-layerings of the mental and emotional patternings that come from their Original Wound. Througout the process, I take notes and I email the notes to the client once a week, until the process is completed.