Metaphysical encompasses many things. It means;
that which lies just beyond the manifest, substantial,
structured physical; apart of the natural world, just
unseen. It means dealing with the non - manifest
aspect of the natural world, nature of existence.

Here we use the term meta - physical to describe effectively moving and shifting energy, the fundamental building block of all things manifest, in order to create change in the physical world, in our bodies, lives and experiences.

We are aware of multi dimensional realities, parallel realities, past lives, spirit beings in higher dimensions, our own soul and spirit, the sub - conscious and the supra - conscious, awareness beyond, altered states and so much more. We use these aspects to facilitate desired change in accordance and alignment with divine purpose.

We work with times past; Egyptian archetypes, mythology and divine aspects, druid and pagan nature powers, gods and goddesses of all religions, nature spirits and the devic kingdom, animal spirits, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the ones crossed over, the inbetweens of all kinds; to assist us in our journey of deepening awareness of our own beings and what we are doing here in this place, on this plane and in this dimension, to remember and to awaken.